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iRLike [ir-like] – taking the facebook iLike metaphor IRL

Irlike IconsI’m a big fan of facebook’s iLike metaphor, it’s so great that you can only give positive feedback.
I think that the positive-sharing culture that facebook, and most other social networks, are facilitating, is exactly what we need to combat the crisis that I feel that has been rampant since 9-11.

So recently I’ve taken the positive-sharing metaphor to real life (IRL), and it has worked quite well I’d say. I’m calling this to IRLike or iRLinking.

I get the best feedback when I iRLike tattoos, everyone seems very flattered, I guess that has something to do with the fact that getting a tattoo sends a signal that you’re confident crossing barriers.

iRLiking jewelery, usually works quite well too, but I don’t think I’ll iRLike teenagegirl’s jewlery again, it is sending mixed signals.

The idea here is to reengineer reality in the spirit of positive sharing, much like facebook has done, and then log-off and have some fun, people!

HAPPY iRLiking!