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Looking for blogforum3, found The Copenhagen Project

Today I realised that it’s been a year since the wonderful blogforum2, and I knew that I’d have heard about it if there was going to be a blogforum this year, but feeling the urge, I went looking for the usual suspects, and it so happened that I stumbled upon The Copenhagen Project – a recent brain child of Jeppe Kabell and the “notorious” Thomas Madsen-Mygdal – and if Thomas is involved you better listen up:

We are building a catalog of media building bricks in order to reinvent the services we use to understand and keep up to date with what happens in the world.

(notice that I changed “building bricks” to “building blocks” – I find that more correct).

Their ideas seems to be related to a lot of the ideas that I have, for instance regarding collective intelligence, and how to put the computer to more use when sharing knowledge.

They also picked up on a great crowd-sourcing idea – which I’ve been considering myself, and it’s simply to tag posts with a magic tag – in this case tcp2007 – and they should show up on the reactions page automagically – Gentlemen: start tagging 😉 (let’s see if that actually works).

I’ll be following The Copenhagen Project closely in the future, now if they only had a Jaiku channel – hint hint ;-)?

So what about the blogforum?

I suppose that someone has to organise the blogforum if it’s going to happen again, I’m not much of an organiser – but I’ll sure lend a hand if someone picks it up, because it was nothing short of inspirering, and it made me blog up a storm.

Blogforum2 had some spin offs, one was a survey, BlogTjek 07, that got press from big media, the other is the Blogfond – an attempt at creating a foundation to support the blog community (and then I just discovered that the board is considering pulling the plug – if we do, let’s at least have a party ;-)).