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Damn what an a..h..

Damn what an a..h…I’m looking for tickets for the Alicia Keys concert tomorrow, and I put in an offer of DKK 1.600 for 2 tickets…Then this guy calls me back, TWICE!, to tell me that he has been offered DKK 3.500! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING DUDE, that’s a lie and you will burn in hell for your greed. Finally I sent him an SMS telling him that my final offer is DKK 1.600! Sorry Alicia you’ll have to miss me, and since I already caught the “Ladies First” Tour (ticket was only approx. USD 125) I guess that I’ll live. Anyways I’m having second thoughts about the concert if it’s going to be Alicia doing a Piano & I gig I think that will be great, but if it’s going to be the full band from the “Diary of Alicia Keys” part of the “Ladies First” Tour, it’s not going to work – sorry but seats don’t belong in a concert where the band is playing tight funky R&B grooves – so that’s not exactly well suited to the National Theatre

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