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Euro 2004 is in full swing

Euro 2004 is in full swing, I have no belief in the Danish side (or rather had). I plan to catch a lot of the action at <a href=””>High-Q (</a>, they have a great projection TV and one of the best selections of beer in CPH, special Euro 2004 offer is a 3/4 litre of draught beer 40DKK (actually it’s Carlsberg – does that qualify as beer – Carlsberg is improving but the draught beer doesn’t really taste like anything – it is however quite refreshing unfortunately you will likely drink too much since it’s quite potent?). Oh well it’s an OK offer – and <a href=””>Pierre and Lykke (</a> are waiting to serve you @ High-Q, Sønder Boulevard 52, 1720 København V phone: 33 31 40 80. High-Q is usually closed on wednesdays check the website – that is if Pierre can get it up (pun intended) – for opening hours’n’stuff.

*England will not make it far because Beckham will FU
*Denmark will qualify by drawing against Italy, beating Bulgary and losing to Sweden. Denmark and Sweden will qualify, but Denmark will not make it further than the quarter-finals
*Final Holland-Czeck Republic, with the Czecks winning
*Henke will be top-gun/golden boot

Saw the DK-ITA game at <a href=””>High-Q</a>. Yes! I took the jackpot by betting on the goal-less draw so that was a succes, but I’m SO disappointed that Denmark didn’t eat and upchoke those italian “hair-balls”. Everybody seems to be satisfied with the draw – but – my God – Denmark played football and I love football – maybe the best football by a Danish side we’ve seen since 1986. I’m almost willing to forgive the WC 2002 disaster against England. I’ll stop dissing the guys, and I might even buy a R/H jersey…But please let Thomas Gravesen keep his violent tendencies under wraps, or else I will withdraw my support for Denmark – listen up Mr. Gravesen that is a serious threat ;-). Goal keeper problem – not – Thomas Sørensen put in a perfect performance arguably the best goalkeeping by a danish goalie since Schmeichel retired.

BUT…I still think that Morten Olsen is a sissy, and I’ll keep dissing him until he takes some offensive chances, after the break he should have put in a striker so we could have taught the hair-balls an “Italian 101” (e.g. “Italiensk for Begyndere”) lession
“Vi er fra Danmark” –
“Vi er fra Danmark” –
“Så ka’ de lær’ det” –
“Så ka’ de lær’ det” –

I’ll give Morten Olsen this: using Perez was a great succes, here is a comming star

GO! Sweden – Henke rules – my top-gun/golden boot favorite!

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