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More top lists coming

More top lists comming after the 10 most naturally beautiful women I’ll post more lists – this is actually something I’ve never done before but since I’m “High Fidelity” type of geek I’m going to start compiling top-lists:

*10 “Coolest” women ever (in Danish: alletiders sejeste tøser – “cool” is not exactly the same as “sej” “badest” might be better – as Run-DMC put it “not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good”

1. My mother
2. Auntie Agnes
3. Gitte
4. Laureen Bacal
5. Kathrine Hepburn
6. Nehneh Cherry
7. Mae West
8. Queen Latifah
9. Missy Elliot
10. Greta Garbo

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