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Another top list

Another top list – Mio my friend (I wish) you’re the coolest I miss you, did you ever finish your book?

Kims top 10 male role models/coolest dudes ever!
1. Ole Mio Nielsen
2. Marrot (last name, spelling – not sure?) my woodshop teacher from primary school. I was hopeless in woodshop but my parents still have the bread “basket” I made so I guess it was quality made after all. He has influenced me more than most, including myself, realises. The “shooting for the basket” fancy I have – basket being the dustbin – was something I picked up from him. The lunchbreak always ended with Marrot asking for attention so that he could try to sink the aluwrap from his lunchpack (and he ate like 5 slices of danish ryebread so it was serious piece of aluwrap we’re talking basketball size – “overdrivelse fremmer forståelsen”) into the dustbin
3. Humphrey Bogart
4. Sean Connery
5. Malmcolm McDowel
6. James Woods
7. Jimmy Cagney
The rest of the list is made up of current friends and they appear in no particuliar order – my God am I happy having such cool frieds – they could easily make any top 10 list
*Ole Hansen (
*Jes Rasmussen – the LoTek dude – thnx Jes we all need a reality check once in a while
*Henrik Hammer (

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