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The love consultant

The SciFi cult classic “Invasion of the body snatchers” now has a new meaning to me.

As a result of that movie and extreme levels of “common knowledge”, I have now “hired” professional help to guide me through the maze of womankind – a WOMAN! I’ll be forever thankful – I really needed a secondant (correct English?) in the corner!

Actually it was due to John – my old buddy – that I knew so much about that movie. I believe that it is one of his favorites too, I remember hearing about it from him some 25 years ago – where he was praising the movie in high terms – and I think he actually hates SciFi – where I’m a SciFi fanatic…It’s actually because the movie isn’t SciFi at all, but really is about McCarthism.

Imagine that – I’m actually giving thanks to John!!!

Just to make sure we’re on the same page…I’m talking about the original movie from the 50ies, the ultimate cold war allegory (spelling?)

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