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What is?

The Danish society is keeping the danish population in a state of perpetual bliss, no-one are poor unless by choice, and very few are really rich.

And due to the taxsystem, it’s very difficult to become rich or set up a business – to break the curve. This, paired with the high prices of everything from real estate and cars to food, both parents are forced to work full time jobs in order to keep up with the Joneses. Still danes are often listed as the most content people in the world! The society isn’t totally perfect, we do have homeless and beggars in the street.

Sounds familiar? The trouble in paradise – the fact that we have things like homeless people and Janteloven (see previous posts on this), could be a control mechanism, put in place just to make it acceptable to the human mind.

What is “The Matrix” – it’s Denmark!

Don’t get me wrong – I love Denmark – but we need more entrepreneurs. As it is now we’re losing a lot of our brightest people to parts of the world where there is a deeply rooted tradition of entrepreneurship instead of Janteloven.

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