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FirefoXXXy 1.5 Release Candidate 2

I ‘ve just downloaded and installed Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 2. So far it looks like it is working quite well.

Get it here:

The only improvement I’ve noticed so far, is that the RSS subscription icon has been moved to the right of the address bar. This is actually quite a useful improvement, since it makes it easier to see when a site has a feed that you can subscribe to.

I remember when I first stared using Firefox, I didn’t know too much about RSS feeds. Then a co-worker told me that it was build into Firefox, I simply couldn’t find it. I plowed through documentation and menu items, finally I noticed the RSS icon, that was visible when a site was RSS enabled. DOH! Was it that simple, 1 hour later I had written my first RSS feeder that announced itself to Firefox – the operations department was impressed – but RSS is the greatest invention since sliced bread. Pure KISS!

I do however think that we need to educate the masses on RSS, and that the Firefox developers made a bad choice inventing a new logo for RSS feeds, instead of using the RSS or XML tags that exists everywhere on the web. I might be slow, but it took me a long time to notice the icon.

I think that I’ve found a bug however. The favicon of my site is not shown when I’m viewing my site, but it’s shown when I open a new tab to edit the page in WordPress. With Firefox 1.0 it was working fine. After I removed the “shortcut icon” metatag it was working fine. It seems that Firefox 1.5 automatically uses the favicon if it’s found on the webserver, and gets it wrong if a “shortcut icon” metatag is available.

It seems that this bug has already been reported.

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Other improvements I’ve noticed:

It is now possible to reorder the open tabs by dragging and dropping, this is quite useful. You still have to look to plug-ins to persist the open tabs.

Clean-up of history and other cached data has been streamlined, by the addition of a convenient “Clear Private Data…” menu item to the “Tools” menu.

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