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Philae Temple Egypt – testing image gallery APIs

I’m testing a rather nifty flickr plug-in called Flickr Insert from Stuffed Guys. It works by translating a special flickr tag into static links to flickr pictures in the post, and it also maintains a cache of thumbnails on your local server.

Below is an example of my flickr images that were tagged with “wpphilaetempleegypt” at the time of posting.

Philae Temple, Egypt Original location of the Philae Temple, Egypt

The plug-in could use some improvements. It would for instance be nice if you could specify some alignment tags, like left, right, top.

But it is all-in-all the cleverest application of the flickr API I’ve seen. I just whished that had a similar API, since they have no limits on storage and bandwidth. I’ve heard in a Podcast from ITConversations, that is planning to introduce an API.

Another thing, it should be relatively simple to implement a flickr compatible API that could increase the usability of general image gallery software like Coppermine. I know that an API is in the works for Coppermine, but it looks like the project is on hold. They have also opted for an API that isn’t flickr compatible. I believe that they need help.

There is however another tool for Coppermine, CpmFetch, that looks promissing. I expect to begin testing it soon, since I’ve invested a lot of time building my Coppermine gallery content.

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