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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear PB, happy birthday to you

Today marks my first anniversary as a Mac user.

On the 20th of January 2005 I decided to pay the MacCenter Gl. Mønt in Copenhagen a visit, I went there to get my hands on a Mac mini, that had just been released, “unfortunately” there was a serious backlog of orders, no Mac mini for me. While I was putting in an order for a Mac mini, something strange happend, my eyes wandered, resting on the PowerBook G4 12″…WOW that was love at first sight, wasn’t that the first computer in the history of mankind that I had put my eyes on?

I left the store with a beefed up PowerBook G4 12″, and since then I’ve never looked back, it’s a fantastic computer, that I can bring with me, and use, everywhere I go. It has changed the way I use my computer, OS X really support my way of working, people that have seen me work are baffled by the number of applications and windows I keep open, I never close anything, right now I have 17 applications running and several Firefox instances with something like 70 tabs open, Windows and PCs just can’t support that the way OS X can, the Exposé´interface is fantastic for gaining an overview of what you’re working on. Exposé has to be seen in order to grasp it.

I did however get a little too excited by Apple, you could say intoxicated, dissing everything not Apple, and yes Steve Jobs epitomises kewl, but he is only a businessman, albeit one with a vision, I was on my way to WDDC 2005 to meet the man…Then I wised up after I realised how much UNIX, OS X is, and that all important Open Source projects are supported on the Mac.

After attending the LinuxForum 2005, I went from Switching evangelism to Open Source evangelism.

I still flash my Apple gadgets every opportunity I get, and I still do my share of switching evangelism, people really make eyes when they see a PowerBook, it’s so beautiful and well designed.

If you’re a serious computer user considering buying a notebook, and you’re prepared to spend some time replacing your familiar PC software and Windows user interface, you should really consider buying a notebook from Apple. But if you want to do serious gaming, get a PC or, better, a gaming console and a Mac.

But…With the switch to Intel that Apple is doing, the Apple hardware will actually, in theory – I haven’t seen it – be capable of running Windows (Vista) natively, as well as ALL major operating systems (e.g. Linux) and of course OS X…How’s that for choice.

One year later, my PCs are gaining dust

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