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Apple’s iWork emerges as rival to Microsoft Office | CNET

Apple’s iWork emerges as rival to Microsoft Office | CNET

According to this c|net report, Apple’s iWork office productivity suite is now the second best selling Office suite, out selling Corel Office, both of course being distanced by Microsoft Office.

This is very interesting news, but you can’t really compare iWork to Corel and Microsoft Office. For one iWork doesn’t include a dedicated spreadsheet program.

Like the commentaries to this article points out, what is driving sales of iWork is the Keynote application.

Again it is pretty amazing that a Mac only software package can compete with Corel Office in terms of units shipped, and I see it as a direct measure of Apple’s surging market share, which I for one welcome.

Guess I have to give Keynote a spin.

Now if Apple would only produce a full fledged office productivity package…

What stops them? Well they’re too snug with Microsoft. Just look at the billing Office was given at the MacWorld keynote, it looked a bit like the main reason Rosetta exists, is to make Office run on the new Mactels.

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