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Startskuddet til Linuxforum 2006 lyder i morgen

Linuxforum 2006: Forside

Så er det i morgen at startskuddet til det 9’ende Linuxforum 2006, der afholdes på Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole – Philip de Langes Allé – 1435 København K, lyder. Det bliver spændende at deltage for anden gang – sidste år var det et fremragende arrangement.

Umiddelbart ser programmet i år lidt tyndere ud end sidste år, hvor der på business dagen var flere talere fra det offentlige, og på den tekniske dag var der flere seminarer der handlede om software udvikling.

I år syntes jeg det ser ud til at der er flere “generelle” indslag, og stor fokus på OpenOffice.Org. OpenOffice.Org er et spydspids projekt, og jeg velkommer sådan set den store fokus på dette projekt, selv om jeg ikke mener at OpenOffice.Org er det vigtigste, så er det nok det mest kendte.

Jeg har planlagt at rapportere løbende fra Linuxforum 2006, så “stay tuned”.

Mulige højdepukter:
Fredag er der bla. arrangeret en panel debat hvor top repræsentanter for SUN Microsoft, OpenOffice.Org og lovgiverne tørner sammen. Jeg kan da frygte at det ikke bliver alt for konstruktivt.

Lørdag glæder jeg mig til at høre om en af de førende AJAX applikationer, Google Maps, fra manden selv, Lars Rasmussen.

Ellers har jeg planlagt at deltage i følgende seminarer:

09:45-10:45 Store Sal Louis Suarez-Potts: Migration to
10:45-11:45 Store Sal Simon Phipps, Sun Microsystems: The Zen of Free – The Virtuous Cycle of Open Source
12:30-13:30 Aud. 6 Paneldebat: og Microsoft – slaget om fremtidens dokumentstandarder

13:30-14:30 Martin von Haller:
Ansvar for open source løsninger
14:30-15:30 Aud. 4 Flemming G. Jensen, ValueObjects:
Praktisk anvendelse af Clusterfilsystemer til Linux

09:15-10:30 Store Sal Lars Rasmussen: Google Maps
14:00-15:00 Aud. 4 Ronald Jaramillo: Webapplikations udvikling med TurboGears
15:00-16:00 Store Sal Mirko Dölle: Digital Video Recording with VDR
19:00-21:00 Store Sal Evening keynote Dan Klein: Perfect Data in an Imperfect World

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BBC World Service | Learning English

BBC World Service | Learning English

BBC has a great site for people wanting to learn, and/or improve their, English.

I haven’t studied English since high-school, and I found out, by taking some of the quizzes, that I’m not that good at English grammar.

Highly recommended for all levels.

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WWJD 3 – Results! – Engadget

WWJD 3 – Results! – Engadget

Engadget asked it’s readers to come up with some suggestions for “What Would Steve Jobs Do”, before the Feb-28th “fun” products event. Well I think the readers came up with some very funny, and even credible suggestions. I like the sleek iPod Talk concept, that promises to bring back the dial-phone by emulating a dial using the click-wheel – wow!

The MacBaby is too cute, and the OiPPC (One iPod Per Child) promises to deliver the first sub 100$ iPod LOL!. I think that the most ground-breaking mock-up is the Nintendo inspired MacBook DS (Dual-Screen), replacing the keyboard with a touch screen that can be reconfigured so that it could display a music keyboard instead of a regular keyboard.

Take a look for your self, and see if you, like I, agree that some of the artists should be hired by Apple.

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Tux-shaped computer runs Linux

Tux-shaped computer runs Linux

This is too cute, imagine a server farm run entirely by Tux Penguins. Sounds like something out of Gotham city? With this new computer case from the Italian computer manufacturer, Acme Systems, you could make it a reality. I want one!

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Manu Cornet’s website – PCJacking – make the Open source world advance

Returning to fUSION Anomaly, the site also features an Anomalog, and I found this great tip, that I want to pass on, courtesy of fUSION Anomalog: The tip first surfaced on the web-site of Manu Cornet PCJacking.

Quoted from the article PCJacking on the fUSION Anomalog, (accessed on the 1-Mar-2006):

PCjacking is sticking Linux Live CDs in computers located in popular department stores, to let the customers know that something other than Windows exists. If you think it’s an useful thing to do, try it yourself ! PCjacking is totally safe for the hijacked PC, and leaves it completely unaltered.


Here’s how to do it :
1. Get a Knoppix CD image, or another Linux Live CD [added by Kim Bach: e.g. Ubuntu], and burn it to a plain CD-R. Make as many copies as you need to perform your pcjacking.
2. Write something on the CD so that people working in the store understand what this is for, and how to get their Windows back.
3. Take your CD and a camera to a popular PC seller, and look for your prey. It can be a desktop or a laptop, but you need to be able to access its CDROM drive, and hopefully, its keyboard.
4. Before inserting the CD, take a look at the screen resolution in Windows settings. Set the sound volume to its minimum, so that the Windows “byebye” sound won’t be heard in the whole store. Then put the CD in, and reboot the computer.
5. When the Knoppix startup screen appears, you need to let it know the screen resolution it should use (this might not be necessary, but I found that using the default boot options sometimes leads to a “out of range” message on the screen, the guys at Knoppix need to raise the default value or provide a better detection of the screen). For example, type “knoppix screen=1024×768”. Careful if you don’t live in the US : the keyboard layout is the US one here. Then press enter.
6. Go a few meters away. You’re safe now, even if somebody notices, they won’t know it was you. Wait one or two minutes for the system to boot, then take out your camera and take a few shots at your masterpiece. Who knows, maybe you don’t have anything to do with this, but you happen to know Linux, and you found it funny to see it running there, so you just wanted to take a few pictures 🙂 Leave the CD inside the PC, and leave the store with an innocent face.
7. Put your shots on a web page somewhere, and send an email to to let me know, and I’ll link to your pictures from this web page.
8. Enjoy having made the Open source world advance, even if only a tenth of an inch !

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fUSION Anomaly.

fUSION Anomaly.

I just stumbled upon the fUSION Anomaly site and it is an intriguing site, I found my self being sucked into the Anomaly. So how did I stumble upon this site, well it was caused by random surfing, and I decided to document the strange trail that let me there. It was triggered by a picture of the Aurora Borealis that was posted on the web-site, I then surfed to the web-site of the person who posted the picture, and discovered that he had misspelled “Aurora Borealis”, so I went to Google to confirm that it was misspelled, and this let me to the fUSION Anomaly Aurora Borealis page. The page caught my interest, with the reference to James Gosling and the Isis satellites. The pure mention of Isis was enough to send me on a surfing safari of the fUSION Anomaly site.

The site has a lot of interesting and strange content, and is filled references to science, science fiction, the occult, mysticism, literature, technology and lot’s of other things.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but a lot of the content is music related, and I seem to share some music preferences with the author – Atomjack.

The site is filled with interesting hyper-links, and it’s only natural that fUSION Anomaly also features a Wiki – it has inspired me to do the same, just to see what happens.

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Apple launches new Intel Mac Minis, iPod Hi-Fi | CNET

Apple launches new Intel Mac Minis, iPod Hi-Fi | CNET

In a much hyped event, where some “fun” new products had been promised, Apple has announced the first Intel based Mac minis, as well as a set of powered speakers called the iPod Hi-Fi, and some Apple branded leather iPod cases.

The web had been overflowing with rumours regarding the possible “fun” products, but this clearly was intended to be a small announcement.