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wtw06: StopSult/Fight hunger – Walk the World

Fight Hunger. Walk the WorldStopSult

Sunday I participated in the Walk the World event in Copenhagen.

So what exactly is Fight hunger and Walk the World?

Well it’s an event organised by the UN World Food Programme, as a way to raise funds for specific projects, by asking to people show up, and walk a short distance, to send a signal that we want hunger to become a thing of the past, and that we can do it if we really want it.

The registration fee was a modest 100 kr. (less than 15€), this is nothing for a westerner, but it will pay for 80 school meals for children, which was the project that was targeted to recieve the proceeds of this years Walk the World.

I have tremendous respect for WFP and the UN in general, and my visit to the UN building in 2004, felt something like a pilgrimmage.

An event like this is also a great opportunity to do some networking. I had the privilege of speaking to one of the organisers, and now I’m really envious. She’s working with eGovernance, and she had attended the tumultuous WSIS (world summit on the information society) conference in Tunis in November 2005.

Now I want to go work for the UN!

It was a really beautiful day, even though the weather wasn’t at it’s best, and I’m definitely coming back next year. Events like Walk the World is the way to do fund raising, I really prefer this type of event to the traditional “house-call” style of collections, that is so common in Denmark.

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