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PodBrix . 1000 brix in your pocket

PodBrix T-ShirtPodBrix . 1000 brix in your pocket

Wow, this is a cool idea – I’m amazed what people come up with. (guess I shouldn’t really be surprised these days, especially after the launch of the online solarium!).

The minifigs are LEGO “men”, the popular portable music players are…hmm…iPods…

Since I’m a big fan of both iPod and LEGO, I really need some of the PodBrix products ;-). A T-Shirt with a magnet to attach your shuffle…I REALLY NEED one! Currently sold out though!

Quote from the PodBrix ( website (from where I also appropriated the image shown above – I hope that’s OK):

What is PodBrix?

Tomi Responds:
PodBrix sells modified minifigs inspired by the popular ad campaign for portable music players. In the future we may branch out to other related minifigs.

And the “Keynote” and the “Woz” kits are the perfect gifts for a “Cult of Mac” faithful, too bad they’re sold out as well.

LEGO should start supporting PodBrix officially to meet demand.

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