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Pairing the Navman 4400 GPS unit with a Mac at

Pairing the Navman 4400 GPS unit with a Mac at

I have an old NAVMAN 4400 GPS unit that I’ve been using with my PocketPC and the NAVMAN SmartST software.

Now I wanted to put it to use with my Apple PowerBook, only to realise that Apples Bluetooth Assistant requires that you pair the device by entering a code – quite difficult WITHOUT a keyboard. If all else fails, FGI, and link #1 yielded the site above.

I had no idea that a “Bluetooth Serial Utility” existed in Mac OS X.

Thanks! Now it’s time to play around. Google Maps has Danish road maps these days 😉 Long live Google.

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Glad the info was useful 🙂

Note that for OS X users running Tiger, the Bluetooth Serial Utility no longer exists; instead see System Preferences > Bluetooth.

Thanks for the update. I’m still happily using Panther. Even though Spotlight IS nice, my Panther will most likely not become extinct, at least not until Leopard arrives.

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