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Bandit - open source identity service

Welcome to Bandit –
Bandit is a promissing project, sponsored by Novell, that aims to solve one of the major headaches of open source systems, indentity management, which is implemented in thousands of different systems.

This is one of the “missing” open source projects.

Quote form the Bandit website:

Bandit is a system of loosely-coupled components that provide consistent identity services and creates a community that organizes and standardizes identity-related technologies in an open way, promoting both interoperability and collaboration..

It implements open standard protocols and specifications such that identity services can be constructed, accessed, and integrated from multiple identity sources. The Bandit system supports many authentication methods and provides user-centric credential management. On this base of a common identity model, Bandit is building additional services needed for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and for the emission of records to verify compliance with higher level policies.

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