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Mobile phone companies join forces on Linux | CNET

Mobile phone companies join forces on Linux | CNET

According to CNET NEWS.COM, several mobile handset makers are joining forces to develop Linux based smart phones.

This is great news, I guess especially Motorola was upset by the license fees they had to pay Apple for the iTunes logo on the ill-fated iTunes ROKR phone, and the less than perfect support from Apple. Remember the Steve Jobs Keynote from the introduction of the ROKR, where Steve tried to demonstrate one of the key features, the fact that the music would be automatically paused and resumed during incoming calls, and it didn’t work.

The new ROKR E2 is soon to launch in Europe, and it looks quite cool, at least much nicer than the original ROKR.

I hope for an open platform, with complete community involvement, but that is probably hoping for too much.

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