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HOPL:History Of Programming Languages

HOPL: History Of Programming Languages from ACM

After browsing the Alan Kay Wikipedia entry, my attention was drawn to the “History Of Programming Languages”, proceeding that has been published by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

This is a very good collection of documents, usually written by the people who were involved in the development of the different languages, including some Danes – Concurrent Pascal. Unfortunately ACM requires a subscription to access the articles, I guess I need to fork out some money and get the paper print.

Hmm great! The ACM web-site currently has an error, so I can’t buy the book online. Should I join ACM? It’ll cost me USD 198, if I throw in an account for the digital library. It would be cool to have access to the ACM digital library.

Considering…BTW it looks like ACM should add some new articles, e.g.. on Java, Python and Ruby.

Sure a lot of things has happened since 1993, but I suppose none of the newer languages are revolutionary, or even more than marginally different from what already existed in 1993, that is somewhat discouraging.

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