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100 idées pour utiliser RSS – Vtech – “Dude, where’s my beta?”

100 idées pour utiliser RSS – Vtech

Vtech has published a catalogue of ideas for using RSS, it’s a great inspiration.

I had actually forgotten that I got a related great idea for using RSS from Ben Hammersley, Google to RSS using SOAP API, and I experimented with the Google SOAP API some months ago, due to a project that was suggested on in this thread, Et lettere avanceret Google spørgsmål.

The purpose of the project, was to make it possible to search multiple sites on Google, it turned out that Google already supported that feature, but I had some fun making SOAP calls from PHP – I know I have no life – but hey, it actually worked.

Thanks to the article on Vtech that I found through a CNET forum posting, 100 way to use RSS, I remembered this forgotten project of mine, thanks!

Now I wonder: “Dude, where’s my beta?”…

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