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Review: DO Y’ALL FELL GOOD? The Godfather of Soul: James Brown in Copenhagen

Mr. James Brown

  • The Godfather of Soul
  • The hardest working man in show business
  • the list goes on

visited the Amager Bio Venue in Copenhagen on the 30th on July 2006.

This was an event not to be missed, how often do you get to see such a legend live, and in a relatively small venue with somewhat of a club like atmosphere.

Mr. Brown brought with him an all star band, with extremely strong rhythm and horn sections, they were tight indeed, mastering jazz, soul and funk. And what great backup singers.

From a quite slow jazzy start where Mr. Brown was mostly acting as a big band leader, the show picked up the pace, and the godfather showed some of his moves, and when he occasionally let himself loose his voice showed remarkable strength.

Finally the venue was jumping, and the delivery of “Sexmachine” and finally “It’s a man’s world” were amazing. Suddenly the show was over, way, way too soon, and the church of soul that had temporarily been opened at Amager Bio, closed down, with no room for encores.

Thank you, and “Mr Brown, you know that we don’t start, till you make the count”, please start it again sometime. It felt REALLY REALLY good!

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