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I hate it when it does that…

Charlie: So lieutenant, where exactly were you?
Maverick: Well, we…
Goose: Thank you.
Maverick: Started up on a 6, when he pulled from the clouds, and then I moved in above him.
Charlie: Well, if you were directly above him, how could you see him?
Maverick: Because I was inverted.
Iceman: [coughs whilst saying] Bullshit.
Goose: No he was man, it was a really great move. He was inverted.
Charlie: You were in a 4g inverted dive with a MiG28?
Maverick: Yes ma’am.
Charlie: At what range?
Maverick: Um, about 2 meters.
Goose: It was actually about 1 and a half I think. It was 1 and a half, I’ve got a great Polaroid of it, and he’s right there, must be 1 and a half.
Maverick: Was a nice picture.
Goose: Thanks.
Charlie: Eh lieutenant, what were you doing there?
Goose: Communicating.
Maverick: Communicating. Keeping up foriegn relations. You know, giving him the bird!
Goose: [Charlie looks puzzled, so Goose clarifies] You know, the finger
[gestures apprpriately]
Charlie: Yes, I know the finger, Goose.
Goose: I-I’m sorry, I hate it when it does that, I’m sorry. Excuse me.

F.AY!!! Big up to Masta Ace, Alan Kay, Tim Berners-Lee, Richard Stallman, Ben Hammersley, R.V.B, H.H.B, E.T, D.M, M.E, G.L, M.J, O.H N.O, J.T.R, P.P, N.T.F, P.L.R.T, K.H.A.Y, N.B, J.H, T.C.N and all the revolutionaries I haven’t meet yet (well I haven’t actually met P.P., Alan Kay, Tim Berners-Lee and Richard Stallman…).

One reply on “I hate it when it does that…”

Since this was written, I’ve actually meet “King” Richard, that means that we’re down to three, and P.P. isn’t really that high on my list anymore, so two, TBL not a big fan either, but K! he’s my hero!

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