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CodeWeavers – CrossOver Mac

CrossOver MacCodeWeavers – CrossOver Mac

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver, the Windows compatibility layer based on the WINE Project for the Mac, and I finally got to test it today.

My expectations were low, since I struggled with the pure open source DARWINE Mac OS X port of WINE.

But…So far I’m impressed!

The first application I tried to install, Vig Foreningsprogram, installed without a hitch – I jumped a little in my seat when I saw the Windows Installer pop up, and that I could use Windows style directories.

So far it runs like a charm. This is exactly the class of applications, business apps, that should run without problems under CrossOver, and so far it looks very promising.

I know it’s a bad choice for first application to test, since I don’t really know it, but I have a motive.

Vig Foreningsprogram is a free, Danish developed software solution for administration of associations (foreninger) an important part of the Danish culture and democracy.

Vig Foreningsprogram has been developed for Windows only, but now it runs on Mac as well, and since it’s now “available” on other platforms, associations could have a choice besides Windows for their IT needs.

Here’s a list of applications I’d like see working.

  • Internet Explorer 6 or 7 with Danske Bank
  • Visual Studio .NET

If I could get these two applications running under Mac OS X, I could loose the Windows box entirely.

I’m putting in a pre-order for CrossOver Mac, forget about Parallels and Boot Camp, “it’s the end of the Redmond Tax as we know it” (humming a REM song).

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