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Review: Saboon and Kamilya Jubran at Kaleidoskop K2 in Copenhagen

I attended yet another music event as part of the Images of the Middle East festival in Copenhagen. On the 7th of September 2006 I had the pleasure of enjoying two very distinctly different and yet related performances, Saboon and Kamilya Jubran at Kaleidoskop K2 in Copenhagen.

SaboonThe first was from Lebanese/Egyptian Trip Hop combo, Saboon. Saboon delivers up-tempo music with a lot of mixtures and a beautiful vocalist. This was clearly dance-music, but the crowd, most of them clearly not used to the fact that dance music is meant for…ahem…dancing, so that wasn’t too good of an experience, and the people that danced didn’t really look like they were used to that type of music, but at least I wasn’t alone.

Not a bad performance, not by a long shot.

During the break I once again flashed my PowerBook, this time because the person selling CDs didn’t bring a diskman or anything for the prospective buyers, so I offered her that she could use it. She was quite happy, and I hope that she sold some CDs she wouldn’t have otherwise.

Kamilya JubranNow it was time for Kamilya Jubran to take the stage, I believe that she was appearing as Wameed, a very different combination of avantgardistic electronica and the traditional lute, and Kamilya Jubran’s expressive voice.

Really complicated music but also very beautiful, it seemed quite improvised. This was music better suited for the theatre adjusted audience, but I still wonder if it’s such a good idea to have a musical performance at a theatre.

But all in all an evening well spend, and it really showed the reach of the musical program for Images of the Middle East, it’s really quite remarkable and impressive. But the differences between the two acts was too big for most I suppose.

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