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99 Names of God

Al-Wadud99 Names of God – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Naqshbandi Sufi site, The Power of Love

Al-Wadud (الودود) The Loving, the Kind One

I knew it!

5 replies on “99 Names of God”

I was looking at your web page at blogger and
I thought you might be interested in 99 names of Allah
in a diffrent way of creating it,
these are my original work and I hope you like it ,
Please feel free to use them on your site.
They can be viewed at


Hafez from NYC


Thank you for your comment, and I really like your artwork, and I thank you for the permission to use your artwork on my site, as you can see I’ve taken you up on that.

I first discovered the 99 names of God last year, when I visited an Islamic home for the first time. I asked what the words on the wall meant, and I was surprised to discover that Islam recongnised different qualities of God. Until then I thought that “oneness” was the only guiding principle/dogma in Islam.

My further research into the 99 names of God in September of 2006, was triggered by a discussion I had with a Muslim. I was convinsed that the Lutheran Christian “dogma” of the loving God would be reflected in the 99 names…And indeed it was! That’s the reason I wrote “I knew it”.

Wow I am happy to see one of the name above, its one of my favorite name to recite in silence, These names are used to meditate for love and closeness with God.
Thank you for sharing.


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