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Windows cleaning – give Windows a makeover or how to turn a Windows pc into a Mac (well sort of)

UPDATED 12-Sep-2006@23:14.

My mother got a laptop for her 70th, unfortunately not a Mac [-) – I really didn’t want to take that conflict with my brother and father

Instead I’m trying to install some “trojans”, to make Windows feel more like a Mac. Here’s what I came up with:


  • iTunes (the “ultimate” trojan)
  • Picasa (very iPhoto like, actually better in some respects)
  • Open Office (2.0.3 simply rocks under Windows)
  • Gimp
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird


• Google Toolbar
• Google Earth

To install:

  • Konfabulator


  • Mac theme – nah?

Need suggestions:

  • “GarageBand clone”

More suggestions are welcome!

4 replies on “Windows cleaning – give Windows a makeover or how to turn a Windows pc into a Mac (well sort of)”

Hmm no theme? Otherwise i would say konfabulator, if she have the guts but take a test run with FlyaKite, its really nice and easy to set up

It is! but worth it 🙂

But why a PC?? When i think of my fathers first computer.. it was the worst time in my life. He called me day in night asking all kind of weird questions: Why does it pop up? what is Symantec? update something, cant remember what! Somebody asking for a fillout form – why?!

After he got a Mac no problem, he’s sort of getting a little buzz with all that safari googling, in a safe enviroment.

Believe me this is the worst support assignment in your life, anyway you’ll get my point in a week or so. Sell it will it still have a price tag and before all does W32 get crazzed about Vista-with-no-view!

Windows is actually better than it’s reputation…The biggest problem really is the ugly boxes that Windows pcs are put in, and what’s with all those buttons? I asked my mother if she had any trouble locating the power switch on my PowerBook? Well is it that one? Bingo! (it’s the only one).

I’ve disabled the Norton Internet Security, my mother keeps asking what is it that that little icon is saying…”Your computer might be in danger”, I’m saying “abort, retry, ignore? Alt+I)” ;-).

Norton is really bad software, I’m getting rid of it, McAfee is SO much better, and cheaper.

I’m also switching her to IE7, it’s MUCH safer (IE is something that my father and brother feels “passionately” about, no need to provoke them – baby steps).

Follow our progress here:

WiKim: Ruth Vita Bach, we’re co-creating a “Computing for 70+ dummies” (which I “sort of” has told my mother). My mother actually made some of the entries. OMG! MediaWiki as a writing tool? Well I have a motive (as usually)! There’s no Danish Wikipedia entry for Kniplinger (Lace) and she is very good at making that!

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