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Review: An Inconvenient Truth movie

An Inconvenient Truth movie posterYesterday I went to see the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”, a documentary that follows former vice-president Al Gore’s struggle to spread global awareness of the crisis facing humanity as a result of global warming.

As if I didn’t know it already, global warming is indeed a fact, and it will have big consequences. The opposition to Al Gore and the environmental scientists, defined by people like Bjørn Lomborg, need to stop doing the oil industry’s dirty laundry, humanity faces other serious problems, but this is the one that will impact all of us – the Earth might be rendered uninhabitable, the Planet Venus has an atmosphere filled with greenhouse gasses, could this be the destiny of Earth?

The facts are presented: Global temperature and CO2 levels in the atmosphere is strongly correlated, higher CO2 levels equal higher temperature. From core samples from the Arctic and the Antarctic we know that CO2 levels have never been above 300ppm over a period of 650.000 years, right now it’s above that, and the levels are skyrocketing.

I hope that this movie will be an eye opener, and the practical advise on how to take action on the web-site ( is very useful.

The movie ends on a positive note, the fact that we’ve already managed to control a global environmental crisis, the hole in the ozone-layer, leaves room for optimism.

Al Gore used to be the Next President of the USA, I’m actually happy that he lost the election, because he’s been on the grind spreading awareness of this, the most important, challenge facing humanity.

I have some issues with the movie. I could have been without the segment on the lost election, and I really doubt that you directly can see the passing of “the clean air act” in the ice-core samples. Al Gore clearly loves his Mac – but isn’t he a member of Apple’s board?

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