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Être – Wikipédia

Être – Wikipédia

Typical French…I was looking for a guide on how to write the present tense plural 2nd person, and I get this metaphysical stuff…C’est cool…Mais…

I know I’m not worthy…

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the last note on this blog is beautiful, but in this one self depreciation is not useful, why wouldn’t you be worthy ? I don’t see why !

Thank you…

Self depreciation is deeply rooted in Danish culture, we have a concept called “Janteloven”. I’ve blogged about it earlier, try a search on it.

I’ll try to stop doing that, but “Janteloven” is also deeply rooted in me – and you know I got “etions” right by myself (I met a Frenchman today, he’s a tutor at the Copenhagen Lycée Française, and he confirmed that 2nd person plural of être is “nous etions”), so I am indeed worthy!

not only are you worthy … but you are very present ! Everything speaks to you …

Janteloven … i’ll remember that word but let’s not keep ourselves from our high expectations !

yeah you speak english danish german etc etc and read french and speak it a bit, and you’re not worthy ! ? ! Ah ah

Ergo sum! Le mec il n’a pas conu Wikipédia…Tu sais? Il n’existe pas le version Somali! C’est drole ça…Tu sais? J’ai une livre de Déscartes, c’est une livre qui j’ai trove a Les Cayrouses, et bien sur c’est en Français…C’est une challenge(fr?). Wiktionary (the universal translator in spe?) a l’aide: Défier, hmm il n’y a pas une article sur Défier dans Wiktionary a cette heure…

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