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BarCamp / BarCampCopenhagen

BarCamp / BarCampCopenhagen

I just signed up for the first BarCampCopenhagen.

Might prove interesting for a co-creationist – hey is that a new word – like myself…I’m considering bringing some rabbits…YES! I mean it…A physical rabbit!

The very first BarCampCopenhagen will take place on November 17 at 17 o’clock.

The basis of BarCamp is sharing – which means that you have to bring a demo or do a talk about something you are interested in. Maybe show off your newest idea? Anything is possible as long as you contribute.

* Maybe people, who are going to do a talk could put a quick note at this page, writing what they’re going to talk about? Even if it’s not completely settled.

NB: BarCamp Copenhagen is going to be held in English, because we have foreign guests *s*

BarCampCopenhagen is initiated by Toothless Tiger aka. Henriette Weber Andersen and Thomas Kristiansen.

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Hmm…My rabbit is alive but in a quite different way…And mine IS a gadget…I think it would also make a better candidate for a price than your cat 😉

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