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Drupal – Incompatible environment

If you get this error from Drupal:

Incompatible environment

The following error must be resolved before you can continue the installation process:

Multibyte string input conversion in PHP is active and must be disabled. Check the php.ini mbstring.http_input setting. Please refer to the PHP mbstring documentation for more information. (Currently using Unicode library Error)

It can be fixed by adding the following lines to your settings.php file in the PHP settings section:

/* PHP.ini overrides */
ini_set('mbstring.http_input', 'pass');
ini_set('mbstring.http_output', 'pass');

Thank you to Henrik for fixing this for me, Surftown accounts need this setting in order for Drupal 5 to work.

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@Mike – it changes the PHP environment so that it uses a different method of handling multibyte character sets (International characters). The default method used by Drupal is sometimes disabled by the host.

@Peter – you’re welcome. I posted this solution so that others could be saved this frustration, glad to hear it was helpful. shared server also requires this edit.

A question if I may ask is what value under phpinfo.php reflects this information.

You can find that information in the mbstring section of phpinfo(). BTW: newer versions of Drupal, for instance 5.12, handles this more gracefully, and writes to the log instead of crashing

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