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ART Day Out – In Real Life

ART Day Out – In Real Life

Henriette Weber Andersen of Toothless Tiger has been at it again – once she starts there ain’t no stoppin’.

So I’ve signed up for the first Art Day Out, I hope that that fact, will not discourage any of you 😉

Ses vi? Det tror jeg NOK vi gør!

The first ART Day Out is taking place on sunday the 29nd of April 2007.

ART day out is for anyone who thinks that culture is cool *s* – and can basically evolve around anything anyway the first Art Day Out is going something like this:

we are meeting at nørreport station in Copenhagen 10.00 and heading north to find a place to brunch ( depends of the number of people signing up where the place is going to be) – around 13.00 we are going to Louisiana, HumlebĂŚk to see the Cindy Sherman” and “made in China” exhibition.

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