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IX-XI or XI-IX @ Kim Bach . Org: Go humanity! I’m your number one fan

Kim Bach . Org

Today marks the first aniversary of my final post on “this subject”. One month later I suddenly found my self “not being in Kansas anymore“. MOVING ON – or VIDERE (hat tip to my former boss)!!!

Here’s what I wrote on “the subject” (newest first!)

Moving on in a jiffy (RUF) – will we make it?

The human mind works in mysterious ways, and it’s what makes people build houses in the shadow of “Mount” Vesuvius which you just have to love.

Humanity will prevail, because we have such irrational minds and short memories/lifespans – but we’re also waking up – will we make it?

Right now I’m positive – the immense prosperity we’re experiencing – despite being at war – means that we have the time to think further than the next meal, and in places like Denmark – which is such a wealthy country – the environment is beginning to show signs that it’s recovering from the exploitation of the industrial revolution. A sign of the times is that the Danish Railroads (DSB) just announced, that they’ll get most of their electric from renewable sources (wind and hydro) – it’s quite amazing – now let’s get rid of the car, as we know it, in a jiffy (Danish RUF – pun intended). It’s so STUPID and DESTRUCTIVE to the environment to pack your own power-plant – and ALL talk about a car-bridge crossing the Kattegat Sea must cease, a high speed railroad OTOH – start building NOW!

Another sign of the times is that you can go for a swim in the inner Copenhagen harbour (“as long as”, in the eternal words of a harbour biologist, “you don’t take a bite from the bottom”), and that McDonalds now sells Fair Trade coffee!!!

Go humanity!
I’m your number one fan!

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