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Notorious Cyberterrorist Olaf Pirol apprehended – Spells an end to the “Al-Queda” of ICT

Copenhagen April 2nd 2008, for immediate release.

After what police describes as a text-book operation, notorious cyberterrorist, Olaf Pirol, can now look forward to spending the next chapter of his life behind bars.

Pirol, aged 45, was apprehended after Police investigated reports of defacing of websites run by Kim Bach and his company KiKa Consult

In a statement, Kim Bach, has difficulty hiding his exitement over the fact that Pirol has been captured, and no longer poses a threat to his business.

“April 1st has special meaning to me, and this year my company KiKa Consult is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, so bringing an end to Pirol’s reign of terror is just great news”.

It’s unclear why Pirol, who boldly, called himself the Al-Queda of ICT, decided to target a small company and a private person, but the Police believes that Pirol felt certain, that his handy-work wouldn’t have been discovered.

Sites defaced by Pirol included the Haikijuh project and the website of KiKa Consult.

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