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Wanted Dead or Alive for Website Defacing: Olaf Pirol – The Al-Queda of ICT!

In case you’ve missed it, this site was defaced by a cracker last week, most likely they were using a robot that used a wounerability in WordPress.

The evidence is mounting, and it looks like it’s the notorious Olaf Pirol – claiming to be the Al-Queda of ICT – that is the evil mastermind behind this vicious and uncalled-for attack on yours truly.

For proof look no further than these sites:

But I fear that the attack will spread during the day.

I’m completely flabbergasted by why he’s targeting me, but I guess that it’s due to the universal Karmic laws, and the fact that I’ve lost two friends within the last 6 months, due to idiocy on my part.

Paybacks are a b****, and I had it coming.


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