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The Perfect Gentleman


OK, I need your advise.

An attractive, rather thrashed, woman walks up to me asking for directions to a bar, I find it using my tech-wizardry, she MUST have known where it was, she claimed that she had lived in that street, I wished her a pleasant night, and we went our seperate ways.

I now see that there were several other doors I could have choosen:

1. Showed her the way
2. Asked if I could join her
3. Suggested that we went somewhere else

Did I choose the right door, in post-cog I think that I should have tried door number 3, I was high on culture from last nights Kulturnat event, and there are several places that are better suited for spirtual encounters than Wessels Kro.

ps. I think that I should have, at least, tried door number 1, it would have let to the possibility of choosing the other two. Hey I might finally be getting the rules if this game, it is a very strange game, and I thought the only way to win is by not playing

pps. Suggesting that you go “somewhere else”, is much like saying you want to “park the car” – I should have picked door #1.

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