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OK, I need your advise.

An attractive, rather thrashed, woman walks up to me asking for directions to a bar, I find it using my tech-wizardry, she MUST have known where it was, she claimed that she had lived in that street, I wished her a pleasant night, and we went our seperate ways.

I now see that there were several other doors I could have choosen:

1. Showed her the way
2. Asked if I could join her
3. Suggested that we went somewhere else

Did I choose the right door, in post-cog I think that I should have tried door number 3, I was high on culture from last nights Kulturnat event, and there are several places that are better suited for spirtual encounters than Wessels Kro.

ps. I think that I should have, at least, tried door number 1, it would have let to the possibility of choosing the other two. Hey I might finally be getting the rules if this game, it is a very strange game, and I thought the only way to win is by not playing

pps. Suggesting that you go “somewhere else”, is much like saying you want to “park the car” – I should have picked door #1.

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Planning for Kulturnatten 2008 (Copenhagen Night of Culture) despite elitist selection practices by organisers

Kulturnat2008It’s time for the yearly Copenhagen event “Kulturnatten”, or “Night of Culture”, and I’m basically done planning for it.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a list of events I’ve saved to my profile on, unfortunately they don’t have a RSS feed or a URL that I can share, so I had to copy/paste/edit the list :-(.

I’m planning to attend the events below, but I usually stray, and end up in strange places, my recommendation is to just go with the flow, and stay in places longer than you originally planned for, if you feel “good vibes”.

Last year the high point for me, was a visit to the old shipyard crane on Holmen, which is back this year, and Ars Nova in Marmorkirken, which isn’t :-(.

The events hit by elitism
I’ve been a huge fan of Kulturnatten for several years, but this year the organisers has decided to limit the official program, and has weeded out some events that had been running, successfully for several years, for instance the event by IT Politisk Forening.

I’ve been noticing that Kulturnatten over the years has become more and more like a carnival, and that was somewhat annoying, but I think that the strict selection of “relevant” events is an example of elitism.

This being said, the Kulturnat is an impressive show of strength, and I’ll keep on attending, even though I strongly disagree with the new policy of the organisers.

List of events I’m planning to attend:
Kultmusik og magiske videoinstallationer
Kultfænomenet Snöleoparden fylder gården med sin særlige equilibristiske nordiske version af østens musik, alt imens den verdensberømte kunstner Yang Fudongs magiske videoinstallationer tegner billed…

Time: 18:00 – 00:00
Place: GL STRAND, Gammel Strand 48

Lasershow illuminerer facaden på Charlottenborg
Facaden på Charlottenborg er hele kulturnatten illumineret med klassisk italiensk billedkunst. Lasershow arrangeret af den romerske kunstner Livia Canella.

Time: 18:00 – 00:00
Place: Danmarks Kunstbibliotek, Kongens Nytorv 1, Postboks 1053

Konspirationsteorier fra Tempelriddere til 11. sep
Konspirationsteorier er som en virus, der angriber, når immunforsvaret er svækket. Med benhård historisk kildekritik afmonterer Dan H. Andersen nogle af nutidens mest populære myter og konspirationst…

Time: 20:30 – 21:30
Place: Frederiksberg Bibliotek, Falkoner Plads 3

Polkageist Power Party
Nyd energifyldt koncert inspireret af salsa, calypso, funk, rock og balkanmusik sammen med “cool” øko-snacks.
Generel info: handicapfaciliteter, bespisning

Time: 21:00 – 22:30
Place: Det Europæiske Miljøagentur, Kongens Nytorv 6

Social networking /foredrag
Kim Sneppen, Models of Life, NBI

Time: 22:00 – 22:30
Place: Niels Bohr Institutet, Blegdamsvej 17

Herredømmet – Lykke, Thordal, Trier & Zahle
Carsten Lykke, Kenneth Thordal, Tobias Trier & Oliver Zahle pisker stemningen helt i vejret med en vittig, varm og swingende koncert om den moderne mands genvordigheder. Sangenes tema “Mænd forstår a…

Time: 22:00 – 00:00
Place: Frederiksberg Bibliotek, Falkoner Plads 3

Salsa Loca – Kulturnattens hedeste danseaften
Traditionen tro spiller Salsa Loca op til dans. Kulturnatten afsluttes på denne måde med et brag af en fest med livesalsamusik af bedste kvalitet og dans til den lyse morgen.

Time: 22:00 – 03:00
Place: Krudttønden, Serridslevvej 2

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Done “shopping” for events for the Copenhagen Kultur Natten 2007 – it WIIL be GREAT

 Media(345,1030) Front Illu 2007Today October 12th-2007 is the day of the cultural event of the year in Copenhagen, “The Night of Culture” or Kulturnatten, and I’ve just finished “shopping” for events.

You can build a custom program on the web-site, unfortunately it doesn’t have a URL or a feed so that I can share it directly with you.

This year it seems like my theme will be Passion, Science and Christianity. Below is a list of events that I’ll try to mange to attend – it will be tough, and I’ll let the “Instincts be my shepherd” and stay for long in the places where I feel good vibes, and I’m very confident in my instincts.

It does look like my fix-points this year will be Kastellet, Botanisk Have, Humanistisk Fakultet, Glyptoteket and Marmorkirken. The previous years I had an extensive program as well, but I ended up spending hours at the Copenhagen HQ of The Danish Refugee Council, but since they’re not open this year, I might manage more.

Really there’s only ONE event I’m not going to miss, and that is Ars Nova singing English renaissance music in Marmorkirken – last year they were spectacular, and this year they’re issuing a new CD on the Kulturnat, I’ll be first in line to get a copy.

From the previous years I’ll HIGHLY recommend the Exhibition at Thorvaldsen’s Museum, the lights are turned off, and the statues are illuminated, it’s just fantastic, for me it’s been there done that this year however.

Rundetaarn is always too crowded, and the midnight concert this year is just too mainstream for my taste, but I loved it two years ago, and the storage room above the church is just wonderful.

So I wish you all a great Kulturnat, you just have to love Copenhagen for having the energy to set up such a massive event. And strange things happen on the Kulturnat, if you just let your senses guide you, and while you wait for my next blogpost, you can read about my experiences of the last two years here:

Events I hope to cover in 2007 – prioritised order – but my full intended program is 4 pages long:

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Kulturnatten 2006: Is that a FireWire cable in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

On the 13th of October 2006 it was time for the great yearly Copenhagen event, Kulturnatten. Kulturnatten, means “night of culture”, and it keeps growing bigger and stronger with every year that passes.

This year I had. as last year, been quite ambitious in selecting the number of events that I would attend, “unfortunately” I started by visiting the “Frivillighus” on Nørrebrogade, and I stayed for almost 2 hours.

Well it was nice meeting some people that I keep running into, including the mother of my old friend Sporado – she’s serious KEWL.

Next stop was The Fredriks Church, better known as the “Marmor Kirken” (The Marble Church), the beautiful domed church in Copenhagen. They had engaged the vocal ensemble Ars Nova to do a mini concert. And it was fantastic, just listening to the voices “hanging in the air” after each part, the “hang time” seemed to be like minutes. It was a fantastic experince, and great to see a full church for once.

I also managed to talk a little about the history of the church with some people that were sitting next to me, they seemed to be impressed by my knowledge, “it sounds like it’s your passion” – “not at all”, I said, “it’s just due to my high age that I have such extensive common knowledge” – that being said I’m quite passionate about the Marmorkirke, it the most spiritual church in all of Copenhagen. Sunday, two days later, I made an observation:

Out side the church statues of the most important figures of the “Christian Peoples Church of Denmark”, are mounted, but there’s no women among them, that is a disgrace, but who should we nominate? I asked some girls outside the church, but they had no suggestions, I started thinking, and I came up with the Danish Jazz singer of African American heritage: “Etta Cameron”, not only a woman, but a good Christian, and she’s also an Immigrant of “colour”. But I’m open for nominations, Christianity is TOO important to leave to men.

Next stop was supposed to be “Orlovsmuseet”, but I falsely thought that it was located on Holmen, so instead I ended up at the School for Architects, and there something remarkably strange happened. In the main conference room was an art installation, but I missed the performance. I was lugging my camcorder, and a FireWire cable. The last fact was strange, because I didn’t bring my computer, anyhow, the performance had been controlled from two Apple laptops, and they had done a recording of it, that they now wanted to show, I overheard a conversation: “But I only have USB”, I immediately picked up on it: “Do you need a FireWire cable”, “YES we do”…”Wow that is really strange, you’re the only outsider around, and you have a FireWire cable!”, my answer: “Well that was the reason I was sent here”! I know this is just PURE coincidence, but it’s very strange, and makes you wonder if that was a sign from the divine providence. It was events like that , that made meloose mind last year…Hmm!!!

Now I was in a hurry, because I wanted to go the the concert in “Rundetaarn”, on the way there I checked out the light installation at “Thorvaldsens Musseum”, and the installation at the museum was very well executed, with beautiful shadows being cast. The most impressive was the central garden at the museum, I never noticed this before, but the museum is modelled on an Egyptian temple, and the light effect on the central statue of the Christ, was impressive, above in a window someone was playing the flute…It was just beautiful.

Reached Rundetaarn, only to be turned away, due to massive demand…Bummer! However: I’m not really regretting that I went see “the statues” instead.

That actually concluded my attendance at the official Kulturnat events.

Conclusion a great night, with lots of surprises and a number of GREAT events I missed, and some rather mind blowing experiences. And finally: I found out that I might be falling in love.

One more thing (LOL), Kulturnatten is becoming more and more like the old Copenhagen carnival, there seems to be a decreasing number of people that join the events, but more and more drunk teenagers.

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Kulturnatten 2005

Friday october-14th was the day of the annual Kulturnat (night of culture) in Copenhagen.