This is a message about people and how sometimes they end up doing evil things.

This tale is about one young man and the monster he becomes.
This story begins 27 years ago.

His parents were drug addicts and they did not love him very much.
As a baby they let him cry for hours and hours.

He was born into this world alone.

When he entered school all the kids made fun of him.
He was different. They pushed him on the floor.
They spit on him, and kicked him, and called him a faggot.

Everyday in everyway… they took his soul away.

Years went by and he became imune to the pain
and nothing but hate did remain.

As a teenager no girls would ever date him…
he would just watch pornography all day he wanted to die…
and he just looked out the window and watched the world go by.

He began to take drugs and became addicted to drugs
and sold his body for drugs no one could stop him.

One morning he was leaving an after hours club
high on cocaine and he looked at the ludicris people walking to work
in the bright sunlight and he thought to himself
“I am going to destroy the world”.

“So many people how can I kill them all” he thought.
“A virus” came to his mind…
and he went home to small apartment to plan the end of mankind.

“I will do research on deadly viruses and I will how learn how to spread them”
he said to himself.
So he searched the internet and discovered exactly what he need to know…
his plan now was all ready to go.

One part hate, one part fear, one part queer, Oh lord bring me near!
And with a billion thoughts in his head
of all evil words people said He spread the virus to make them all dead.

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ah sorry for that – it simply means “Message” – I’m sorry for the indiscression, and appologise deeply if I have hurt anyone’s feelings <3 salam aleikum <3

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