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For the victims

To the Divine Body of Truth, the Incomprehensible, Bound-less Light;
To the Divine Body of Perfect Endowment, Who are the Lotus and the Peaceful and the Wrathful Deities;
To the Lotus-born Incarnation, Padma Sambhava, Who is the Protector of all sentient beings;
To the Gurus, the Three Bodies, obeisance.

ComicWiki Mande-kærligheden (CC-BY-SA) – Come on! Show that you’re a man!

Wednesday january 7th 2015 was a terrible day, and my twitter-feed was filled with endless speculation, then suddenly this tweet showed up:

Wikipedia is the place to go for breaking news, I should have known that.

It wasn’t until the point when I read the Wikipedia article, that I fully realised what had happened, and my heart broke completely when I saw that Georges Wolinski was listed as one of the casualties.

Wolinski had quite an impact on my life, and he played a big role in my political schooling. My parents were also huge fans, they’ve always enjoyed life like Wolinski did. I, on the other hand, always had a darker mood and I didn’t fully grasp Wolinski’s message of enjoying life.

Wolinski became quite popular in Denmark in the 1980’ies because of the wonderful translations that were done by my high school teacher, Jes Lundt Hansen.

I noticed that there wasn’t a danish Wikipedia entry on Wolinski, so I created one I felt that was one of the few things I could do to honour the memory of the victims, and thanks for the inspiration to do so Kenneth Auchenberg. And others has been contributing to the article, you just have to love Wikipedia.

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