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Snowden II

Press release from the office of POTUS

Washington January 21st 2017

As outlined in the inaugural speech January 20th 2017 by POTUS, the POTUS would, as one of the first actions, work to bring U.S. Citizen, cyber terrorist, Edward Joseph Snowden to justice.

This early morning Russian police arrested Mr. Snowden and deported him to his last country of origin, Hong Kong, where a US. airplane waited for him. In the airport Mr. Snowden brandished something that looked like a knife, and he was fatally injured in the head by Hong Kong police, Mr. Snowden died 30 minutes later from his injuries.

The funeral took place at sea from USS Enterprise.

In the investigation ordered by Congress, it was revealed that Mr. Snowden wasn’t brandishing a knife but a plastic toy called a Rubik’s cube, that he was holding behind his back.

WIRED - Edward Snowden

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