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My first rave for what seems an eternity. Actually it was! 12 years.

I guess the Baker man also went to the KRAFTWERK! concert and decided that he needed to dust off the good old 1210’s and his KRAFTWERK! biscuits.


Some pictures has been posted, see if you can spot me. I’m featured prominently in the long movie clip, in the front but only seen from the back. I’m wearing a hat made from paper with some paper on my wrists where you can see the US flag.

I was wearing:
Glow-in-the dark NASA T-Shirt from
Philips Headphones from Electronic World
Supersleek blinking bikelights from Jupiter
Pacifier found in Bilka One Stop the 19th of june 2004
Hat, sleeves and “legs” made from pictures taken during my visit to NYC taped together and made into an impromptu “suit”. Hat was made from names of NYPD 9-11 victims, sleeves showing a sign from the UN building and the Times Square recruiting office. Can’t remember what was on the “legs”.
A copy of Folkehøjskole Sangbogen – you gotta accessorise.

Later I was also “wearing” the tape from a cassette tape that was wrapped around me by a girl that I enjoyed kissing – this marks the first time I’ve kissed a girl with a stud – that was an experience – thank you sweet child of mine – come back when you’re older (or I’m younger). The tape was the perfect accessory for my headphones BTW. We started kissing because she was wrapping the tape around me and a lot of other people, I then took the tape I had in my pocket and started taping us together, and one thing led to the other. We didn’t exchange anything but mouthwater and tape, the age difference was way to high.

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