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BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple addresses iTunes concerns

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple addresses iTunes concerns

Apple has announced that they’re addressing the privacy concerns over the MiniStore feature introduced with iTunes 6.0.2, that I reported on earlier.

According to the BBC article above, this is amongst the changes:

The changes include a pop-up warning about MiniStore that gives users a chance at installation to turn off the feature so no recommendations are made and no data is passed back to Apple.

So far I haven’t seen a new version in my software updates.

But Apple has definitely done the right thing.

One reply on “BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple addresses iTunes concerns”

Apple chose a beutifully simple solution, and handled it without a need for a software update.

Apple simply changed the start-page for the MiniStore to give information about how to turn it off, with a nice big pointer to the hide/show icon below the MiniStore. They also argue why you should consider turning it on, and a reasussurance that the information sent wouldn’t be used by Apple.

Good call Apple!

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