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Vig Foreningsprogram: Frit program til administration af foreninger

Vig Foreningsprogram
Vig Foreningsprogram

Hvad sker der når man Googler, lidt, og skriver “kasseklade excel skabelon gratis”, så finder man bla. Vig Foreningsprogram.

Dette program, oprindelig udviklet af en kasser fra en badmintonklub, syntes jeg ligner noget jeg har ledt længe efter, nemlig et gratis program til at administrere små foreninger.

Concorde er simpelthen overkill til vores Ejerforening, og jeg tror også det kunne være nyttigt til vores frivilliggruppe.

Skal evalueres, evt. også til at køre mit eget firma.

Der er tilsyneladende tale om en traditonel fed klient, skrevet i Delphi mod Paradox databasen, så der er næppe tænkt i n-tier løsninger, og det er derfor nok svært at koble en web eller Mac OS X klient på, men jeg overvejer alvorligt at kontakte udvikleren, mhp. et porterings projekt.

Jeg skal dog lige evaluere om det kan bruges til noget først. Det der tiltaler mig er at det er udviklet for at adresserer et konkret behov i en forening, og at det har været på markedet længe, og derfor må forventes at være stabilt.

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Are virtual worlds the future of the classroom? | CNET

Are virtual worlds the future of the classroom? | CNET

In this good article from CNET, the concept of multiuser virtual environments, or MUVE, is discussed.

Below is a quote from the article:

MUVE is a genre of software games created to inspire children to learn about math and science, among other subjects. Unlike most game software and social networks, which elicit negative associations for some parents and teachers, MUVEs are structured environments with rules for behavior, yet no pat formula for action. Designed to provide problems to solve that don’t involve slaying monsters, MUVEs compel kids to figure out the issues to succeed in the environments or have time to socialize.

I’m really interested in this. In Denmark there’s a serious gap here. To the best of my knowledge nothing even closely similar to the Whyville virtual world, that is being discussed, exists.

Educational games should include some kind of social experience, and the possibility for the children to work together towards a common goal.

Projects like Whyville, that provides content from a number of private and public institutions looks like a good place to look for inspiration.

The Danish perspective

All this made me think of the situation in Denmark.

In Denmark the computer use is quite widespread, even in the classroom, but they’re mostly used to teach children skills like Microsoft Office. And if you observe that the children do when they’re sitting in front of a computer, well they’re mostly engaged in playing mindless games, using a MySpace like service called Arto or MSN Messenger.

To put this into perspective, this weeks edition of Harddisken, a Danish radio show that is also available online, visited a Danish school, Skovvangsskolen in the Copenhagen suburb of Allerød.

Skovvangsskolen is very proud of their integration of IT into the classroom, and the fact the school is participating in the so called “Pupils ICT License”, link to a PDF document in English. The school has also developed a lean version of the ICT License (ITC License pixi version – a pun on the cartoons for kids called pixi books).

So what’s wrong with that? Well nothing really, and the school is quite open about their programme. But when I look into the details I’m not too impressed. For one, the web-site is basically empty, nice navigational links but there’s no related content. The goals of the ICT License looks nice, especially the part about information searching and the evaluation of sources are really important.

But if you listen to the tasks that the children are focusing on, it’s things like downloading nice fonts for their PowerPoint presentations, and they were also quite proud that they knew about advanced features of Microsoft Word. And the teachers were saying that learning skills like the detailed workings of the Microsoft Office tools is very important for the children to learn. This really doesn’t fit too well with the intention to teach the children to pick the right tool for the right job, if you only introduce them to a few specific products, instead of teaching general skills.

The quality of the educational games that do exist, in Denmark at least, is, to the best of my knowledge, also generally quite low, focusing on very basic skills.

I think that we need a Danish Whyville.

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Skyhook says: Who needs GPS? | | CNET

Skyhook says: Who needs GPS? | | CNET

Loki service logoSkyhook has developed a small application, a Firefox plug-in (hmm why?), that could make GPS devices redundant in metropolitan areas.

How does it work? Well Skyhook is maintaining a database that maps the identifiers (SSIDs) of access points to their physical location, basically “wardriving” around town with WiFi detectors .

So what’s the point? There are more WiFi devices out there, hey I have four, one desktop, two laptops and one iPAQ.

Unfortunately Skyhook’s small application Loki currently is Windows only (they do promise a Mac and Linux version), and the database is limited to major metropolitan areas in the US, by they do seem to be working on worldwide support

A service like Loki needs high quality and frequently updated information, it’s a daunting task, and I guess that it could be misused in some way.

Skyhook’s application addresses several issues with GPS. GPS, and the new European Galelio network, needs line of sight to several satellites to get a lock of the position, that often takes several minutes, and GPS doesn’t work indoors.

For the majority of location based applications, I do agree, we don’t need GPS. WiFi has tremendous penetration, and it keeps getting better. Sitting in my garden, I can actually see three networks.

All companies interested in providing location based services need to do now, is to set up an access point, or a simple device that only broadcasts WiFi access-point network identifiers (SSIDs).

The telcos has tried to provide location based services for ages, they have failed miserably, at least in Denmark. The Loki solution could deliver on the promise of location based services.

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LG LW25EXPRESSDUAL – LG Global Site – I’m tempted to do the ultimate switch

Notebook Lw25 Big Lge 05 Lg04LG LW25EXPRESSDUAL – LG Global Site

Wow, this new notebook from LG looks like the perfect notebook to run Linux.

And the specs:
12.1″ Widescreen Ultra Slim Entertainer

Dual Power Ultra Portable
Powered by Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology

– Intel® Coreâ„¢ Duo Processor
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home
– Cinematic 3D Sound from Latest Audio Technology
– Faster 667MHz DDR2 Memory (on select models)

Since Apple seems to have decided that I don’t need a 12″ version of their Intel notebooks, and that Mac OS X will be exclusive to the Mac, maybe it’s time to do the ultimate switch, e.g. to Linux, the system we’ll all be using in the future.

I’m really tempted by this. It looks as cool as the Sony Vaio, especially the blue model, and at $2.995, it’s much more affordable.

Looks like a potential Vaio and MacBook killer? Linux: “the last OS you’ll ever wear”

Blogs Kim Blog (English) Open Source Technology projects – Jeg rebooter baby!

“Jeg rebooter baby”.

And the first result of that has been posted to my new Projects Wiki page. An RSS feed proxy script for the forum at my favourite hang-around Pure reverse engineering, since the sysop seems to refuse to get with the programme. Edit: This comment naturally pissed him off. Sorry 1000x – hope he’ll forgive me – it’s a fact that he didn’t refuse it, I never asked, but he didn’t “return” call until I released the hack. Oh well some kinds of participation isn’t kosher, so I really think that I should remove the project, especially if the sysop asks for it. I actually violated a VERY basic rule of the game! Hope I’ve learned a lesson, and that Mr. PowerPalle, the wise one, accepts my apology.

My Wiki is restricted to registered Users only, but feel free to join in on the fun – participate, co-create.

Suggest projects, no matter what! Particpate! Tell me if the barriers are too high, and I’ll lower them!


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From Improbable to Unstoppable: a brief history of the World Wide Web – Reboot

From Improbable to Unstoppable: a brief history of the World Wide Web – Reboot

Too bad I missed this session at reboot. Looking forward to the video being made available.

In the begining was the word and the word was NeXT@CERN.

Let there be web! Thank you Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Here’s a couple of slides from the presentation by J.F. Groof. It shows how the first incarnation of the web looked like if you had a NeXT, and if you didn’t – poor you.


Firstimpressionsoftheweb Ifyoudidnthaveanext

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Reboot8: YOU’RE WEAK!!!

Reboot8: The Feedback Loop at Binary Bonsai

You Are Weak Says Ben HammersleyYes I attended reboot last week, and it was great, even though a bit taxing.

Binary Bonsai is maintaining a “Reboot8 Feedback Loop”, maybe a good place to check for updates.

I agree 100+% with this comment:

This in particular was why Ben Hammersley’s talk on ‘Being a Renaissance Man’ was great. Not only is Ben of course fantastic at delivering his material, but he manages to drive home his points by tying everything into practical here-and-now applicability, and he does so during his entire talk, not waiting to drive his point home at the end where people have drifted off to the backchannel anyway.

Ben Hammersley’s address to wild cheers, was more like attending a great sports event. Ben had to jump violently to fix a bad connection to the projector, I’ve heard that was caused by some water in unsafe proximity to a PowerBook, but it really seemed like an integrated part of his show.

It was truly inspiring to hear Ben tell us, that there is no such thing as information overload, and that it’s a lame excuse, for not producing some world changing things, so we can have a new renaissance, no YOU’RE WEAK!!! Da Vinci would have killed for a PowerBook.

So now I’ve begun creating again, or rather “stealing from the best”, and it feels GREAT!

  • Steal from the best
  • View source
  • Be passionate
  • Kiss a girl (or a boy)?

2/4 so far, not bad…Still looking for the “best” and/or a girl ;-).


Jeg rebooter baby, huskede jeg at gemme?

ps. The picture was “stolen” from svanes’ flickr photos.