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Wired News: Has Steve Jobs Lost His Magic?

Apple 5th Avenue 'Temple'Wired News: Has Steve Jobs Lost His Magic?

Wired News attended the WWDC 2006 Keynote…And they made an observation that I also made…

I wondered if Jobs, who was treated for cancer last year, was sick. Was he sharing presentation duties to save energy? When I saw Jobs introducing the iPod Hi-Fi at Apple’s headquarters in late February, about five months ago, it looked to me like he was tiring quickly and was glad to get it over.

Well, enough with the “central commite in the early 80ies speculations”.

Actually I suspect that Jobs is much more exited by the retail stores and consumer products than Macs, these days.

I think he glows when he’s talking about the 5th Avenue “Temple”, and I think he was quite inspired at the special music events in fall 2005 where the iPod nano and the iPod video were introduced.

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