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Photo: Sony’s Mylo | CNET

Photo: Sony's MyloPhoto: Sony’s Mylo | CNET

Sony will begin selling a cool new gadget called the Mylo (“my life online”) in September 2006 according to CNET

The Mylo is a compact Wi-Fi enabled (802.11b) communications device with Instant Messenging (Yahoo! and Google), Web Browser, Media Player and Skype clients build right in.

You can slide the screen, to reveal a keyboard, that, thank’s to the PSP like formfactor, is quite big.

Nice concept, but I agree with the comment made on the CNET review site, that Sony should just add these features to the PSP, or at least price this gadget much lower than the suggested $350.

I really, really like the form factor of the Mylo, personally I think that the PSP is too big, but as a cell phone/PDA replacement, the Mylo is ahead of it’s time.

I find it likely that I’ll continue to carry at least three digital devices for quite some time, I’d consider replacing my cell phone with a compact combined Wi-Fi/GSM phone like the one Accton and Skype we’re talking about last year.

But for music nothing on the market beats my iPod nano, and for photography no cell phone can compete with my Canon iXUS i5.

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