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Review: On da grind – Masta Ace keeping it real in Copenhagen

Masta Ace Keeping It Real In CopenhagenOn Friday the 11th of august Masta Ace and friends visited the Amager Bio venue in Copenhagen, and so did I, mostly thanks to my local record pusher Musik Hjørnet in Taastrup.

The opening act was the Danish act DJ Static and MC Nat Ill, kicking it classic old-skool 1DJ and 1MC style. This is one great team, and they got the venue jumping. I think sometimes Static was showing off a little too much, and the 1+1 line-up is better suited for freestyling IMHO. Anyway, some of the best Danish Hip-Hop I’ve ever heard.

On to the main act. Masta Ace, first to take the stage was the DJ A.Vee, spinning the wheels of steel, no showing off here, just great music. Down went the lights and the first of Ace’s friends, Big Stricklean, took stage, and he’s one tight MC, preparing the wires for the Masta.

The set was mostly made up of tracks from the great 2004 album “A long hot summer”, and we were indeed introduced to a third MC, Wordsworth, and he’s a great rapper, he started by jumping off stage, later delivering a few tracks from his recent album, that sounds very interesting.

A lot of tribute was paid to the pioneers of hip-hop, first with a great “Juice Crew” trivia quiz, to my surprise I actually knew the answers…Later we were asked to drop the names of our favourite hip-hop acts, I was yelling Doom, and maybe Wordsworth heard me, because he suggested him. Ace mentioned “Gangstar” as his favourite act, not a bad choice. Generally this was a place for lovers of hip-hop, not much respect for the new hot shots that fill MTV these days, you got to gain and show respect the hard way.

Masta Ace Signed TicketThis was a great jam, and time flew. After finishing all four stayed for a long time, taking time to sign records, tickets (even mine see the picture, and I wasn’t pushing), shoes, caps etc. Truly keeping it real for the fans.

Masta Ace delivered the best Hip-Hop jam I’ve been too for ages, oh well, I haven’t exactly been to a lot lately, my top two jams are “De La Soul” and “Queen Latifah” in 1990, but this was pretty close.

Show your L’s for Love! Bringing an end to the bling bling era! B to the K to L to the Y to the N! I want more! WE MADE SOME NOISSSSEEEE!

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