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Julian Beever in Copenhagen – C’est formidable!

Julian Beever At Alextorv In Copenhagen DenmarkRegular readers might remember that I recently made a post regarding the remarkable artist Julian Beever, who does 3-D chalk renderings on the pavement of cities all over the world, drawings that plays tricks on the eye.

This week Julian Beever was in Copenhagen, and he made a beautiful work at Axeltorv, as shown in the picture. He obviously hides something in his pictures, this time it should be a man that looks up at you. I think I spotted him, can you?

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Com certeza um dos melhores que já apreciei em se tratando de pintura tri-dimensional. Parabéns!

Julian Beever: Realmete me parece sorprendente la tecnica con la cual le da vida a las pinturas con tiza en las calles me escantaria poder tener todas las fotos de este arte es muy lindo, me agrada el ingenio y como da vida al arte que realiza la verdad no conosco a nadie con esa peculiaridad, espero que algun dia alguien pueda hacer con respeto obras parecidas y gracias por mostrar al mundo entre ellos ami su estilo de arte, su sencilles y verdadera habilidad para trasformar un rostro trizte a uno con una sonriza graxias y espero que Dios le continue bendiciendo hasta pronto.

Espectacular esas obras.. realmente un prodigio en su genero.. lo felicito y si alguien puede informarme si Julian Beever tiene alguna tecnica especial fuera de las tizas…


I trust that you don’t mind that I’m answering you in English, since I’m not proficient in Spanish.

As far as I’ve understood, you’re asking about the technique used by Julian Beever.

I watched him render the work you see in my picture. Firstly, he’s working from a sketchbook, he’s also using some string and he frequently checks the viewfinder of the camera he has placed at the optimal angle, he’s actually using the camera stand as the vanishing point.

The work he did in Copenhagen was ordered by the telco TDC, and he took clues from the suroundings when he’s preparing for a rendition, it’s basically an aerial view of the square it self.

I have several pictures that document the process, including a close-up of his sketch book, and one of the amazing reverse angle pictures, where you can see just how extreme the perspective is.

I’m considering posting more of the pictures, since I notice a lot of interest in the works of Julian Beever, it’s, by far, the most common search-word on my blog.

gracias portu repuesta Kim, no te preocupespor el idioma que tu respuesta me es bastante buena ya que, no solo la tiza es parte de su tecnica sino que tambien se ayuda a la perspectiva de lacamara y colocando en un buen angulo optimo para que nosotros podamos abservar el arte.

Saludos… bye

in future case for work with Julian Beever
please tell me how I’m contact to him ?

he’s mailbox is already full
kim are you korea?

The first suggestion I have, would be through the official homepage:, but I suspect that you’ve already tried that. Alternatively you could try to contact one of the companies that have sponsored his work, in Copenhagen it was the Danish Telco TDC. I’ll also give you a shout out, if I happen to hear where he’s doing his next work.

Regarding your enquiry as to where I live. No: despite my name I’m not from Korea, but Denmark, Europe. Kim is a common, male, firstname in Denmark.

Do you have photos of the Julian Beever work done in Copenhagen. I didn’t catch the postings? I have one and am not sure who the photographer is and I want to publish it or perhaps another one. I am in contact with Julian Beever and waiting to hear if the photo is his…
Lysa Hochroth

Hi Lysa,

Thank you for commenting.

I’ve only made one picture available so far, and that’s the one you find right here on my website, so it’s not very likely that it’s mine ;-).

I never got around to post more of my pictures, actually I forgot all about it…

If you’re in contact with Julian Beever, forward my best regards.

I’m wondering what his viewpoint is of “us” posting pictures of his work and methods.

Kind regards

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