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Group Based Access Control Extension – MediaWiki

Group Based Access Control Extension – MediaWiki

I’m going to experiment with this MediaWiki extension, it sounds like something that will make it easier to manage access control to pages and groups of pages for specific users.

I would have prefered if this was core functionallity, and I fear, that use of this extension, will make it more difficult to upgrade to newer versions of MediaWiki.

But I really need this.

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Hi Kim,

I just added the Access Control extension to my prototype MediaWiki. I was able to restrict a test page to the “Executive” group. I added the “Developer” group to the restricted page, but so far, have not been able to get it to work as expected. I would expect users belonging to both Executive and Developer groups to access the restricted page. Not so, only Executive can get access.

Have you had any success with this extension?



Thank you for you comment.

No I haven’t gotten around to testing it just yet. The extension requires PHP5, as does the most recent version of MediaWiki, and my current host doesn’t support that. I hope to get a PHP5 capable server soon.

In the meantime, I’ll pass you question on to a friend of mine, he was the one who originally suggested this extension.

I’d really prefer this functionally to be in the MediaWiki core.

Why is that everyone now are developing webbased ACL “filesystems”, it’s such a pain, and it actually belongs in the OS.

Actually I’m eagerly awaiting details on the Mac OS X Leopard Wiki server, having Wiki functionally, hopefully based on open standards (I know I’m probably too optimistic here given Apple’s track record) in the OS is sort of a holy grail.

Hello everyone !!!
I needed to restrict page access to particular groups. I downloaded Group based Access
Extension to mediawiki.

1. I added a particular user 60991(userid) to the group PHP which I created and an entry was made in user_groups table of my wiki.
2. I created a new article and named it Usergroup:PHP.
3. I added the tag PHP to the content of that same page which I wanted only the users
of group PHP to access.
3. There was a userid 44510(sysop) existing.

When I log in as 60991 who is part of the PHP group and I search for that page I get
the NO ACCESS page.
When I log in as admin (44510) I get that page ..

Please suggest any changes I need to make. As of now only sysop is accessing and Group Based Extension is not doing its job for me.

@Ron : I would really thankful if u cud mention how you restricted a user to executive group.

Thankyou all , waiting eagerly for ur response….

Sorry for the ambiguity in the 3rd point…
3. I added the tag PHP
4. There was a userid 44510(sysop) existing.


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