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Please accept my sincere apologies for violating your privacy and sending out tons of facebook invites

Dear Friends,

Please accept my sincere apologies for being so reckless as to giving my e-mail credentials to facebook, resulting in you getting reminders to join facebook.

What happened was that I had this crazy idea July 3rd 2009, that I should invite everyone I knew to join facebook, I should have known better, since I’ve done something similar in the past (“Angels” and “Demons” are lurking in your web-mail – kim.bach invites you to join Zorpia).

What I didn’t realise was that facebook sends out reminders to the people that you’ve invited, and that they do that approximately every fortnight, not good.

Facebook is behaving very aggressive, because you don’t get notifications that they’ve sent out reminders.

I’m begining to understand how facebook is building their empire. First facebook uses e-mail to spread, removing trust in e-mail, meaning that people look to things like facebook’s integrated mail system because it’s private.

I hope that I’ve put an end to this, by removing all pending invites and deleting all my e-mail invitations from the Invite History.

You can manage your invitations by selecting the menu item “Friends/Invite” and then selecting “View all invitations”. A list of all the invitations that you’ve sent out should appear, and you can manage the invitations from there.

So please accept my sincere apologies, and I promise that it will not happen again. I have the faint hope that you, at some point – in the distant future – might considering trusting me again.

Kind regards and sorry

Kim Bach

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