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Attending atoms&bits Camp in Berlin this weekend. Looking forward to, once again, operate with a blown mind

Anb Logo 512I’m really exited about going to Berlin for the first time, my visit will not be your typical tourist trip, because I’ve signed up for the atoms&bits Camp than will take place this Saturday and Sunday the 26th and 27th of September-2009.

So what is atoms&bits about? The website sums it up:

Atoms and bits – the smallest elements in our modern society.
From these tiny elements our daily lives are composed, we can use these to build new ways to improve our lives.
This realization is the first step towards change and also the basis of a new movement, that does not yet exist.

atoms&bits is a festival that culminates with a two day Camp is following the rules of BarCamp, and I’ve signed up for both days.

I’m already familiar with the rules of BarCamp, having participated in the three we’ve had in Copenhagen, as a co-organiser of the two previous BarCamps in Copenhagen, as well as the recent SocialmediaCamp Copenhagen.

I just love the format of BarCamp, but must admit that we’ve been in a crisis, so one of the main reasons I’m going to Berlin is to get inspiration to grow BarCamp in Copenhagen and Denmark.

I must admit that I’ve been too passive, and just followed in the footsteps of my partner in crime, the wonderful Henriette Weber of Tootheless Tiger, who’s a bundle of energy. She knows me, and she’s given me good challenges for the Camps we’ve co-organised, she’s doing the hardest part of the organising, like finding a venue, but I’m getting ready to do more.

Looking forward to meeting some wonderful people, having lots of fun helping giving birth to this new movement and to, once again, operate with a blown mind!

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