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From #twehab: Day Three: Hvordan synes du selv det går? Time To Go Cold Twurkey!

Still happy about my twitter selfhelp tool that Rasmus wrote, but hvordan synes jeg så selv det går? If the aim was to cut down on my tweeting, it’s not going well, the habit is under control, and I’m not just, mindlessly sharing, RTing etc. like I did on Saturday.

I’ve been focusing my tweeting, today the topics were #spc09 the SharePoint Conference 09 in Las Vegas, and it was wonderful to latch on the energy of that hastag, and #Kindle since I have one sitting right next to me right now.

Today will be different, there WILL be a 24 hour radiosilence starting no…ahem soon ;-), see you on the other side.

Kim “Cold Twurkey” Bach

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